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Glossary of Terms

Alpha Waves
Are seen in the state of relaxed wakefulness, i.e., daydreaming. Alpha waves are stronger when the eyes are closed shutting out the visual stimulation, but effort and actively concentrating to create them actually blocks them. Alpha waves are below the level of awareness known as subliminal.

Beta Waves
Are present when a person is consciously thinking and focusing on the outside world. They are superliminal or above the threshold of awareness, i.e., the senses, or taking a test.

Any two systems that pulse or vibrate in a regular periodic manner can phase-lock or entrain. It is a universal potential since all light sound and matter are made up of vibration. Entrainment effects an increase in harmony, efficiency, and "flow" between the two or more systems.

Biostatic Field
An electrostatic field around all living things. Is affected by the electromagnetic impulses of the body. An active stretching/contraction of whole muscle groups. It is used by the GENESIS program to help a person become aware of where their personal armoring is and to assist in its release.

Having an awareness of one's own environment, knowing of others and self.

Buckminster Fuller, (the designer of the Geodesic Dome), first introduced us to this shape. He loved it for its ability to vibrate in all directions equally, and its unique dynamic potential. He called it the Dymaxion, for 'Maximum Dynamic Potential'.

'Cubeoctahedron' describes the geometric shape. If you have 12 fundamental vectors that are equal-angler and equal-lateral to each other radiating from a central point and connect the vectors at their termination it will form the Cubeoctahedron. The cubeoctahedron is a natural geometric form. It exists on the subatomic level in the form of a meson. Twelve spheres packed together as closely as possible around a center sphere form a cubeoctahedron.

dB (Decibel)
The intensity of sound; height of a wave peak.

The process of allowing the body's armoring to relax and release. It is the letting go of body memory within the muscles and connective tissues that is present because of emotional trauma, physical injury, or work-related posturing that has integrated within the body during a person's lifetime.

Delta Waves
Are present during dream sleep. They are also known as the transcendental or spiritual aspects of meditation.

Dynamic Relaxation
Dynamic relaxation is the ideal form of relaxation. We generally think of relaxation as release from tension, worry, and responsibility. With Dynamic Relaxation you become prepared to function at your best, with the energy to move smoothly in the design you have for your life. It does not mean you will not encounter resistance but you will be able to view it all more clearly with less negative side effects.

Electrostatic Field
The area of static electrons that surround an object whether it is living or non-living. The field is denser towards the object's surface and theoretically extends to infinity.

Two or more systems that are rhythmically fluctuating at the same "frequency" that phase-lock.

Feedback Loop
The main Entrainment and feedback loop properties of the GENESIS are Music, "Artificial Awareness", "Artificial Intelligence", and natural dynamics of the system. The "Artificial Intelligence" software, "BIOSOFT" is written so that it looks for trends, densities, intensities, polarities, and relationships to each other and to natural rhythms of the sensed fields. The data is converted to MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) codes that are used to change the musical environment through the Digital Signal Processor.

Bio-Entrainment facilitates the dynamic relaxation response. Research has shown that when the body is in a dynamic relaxation state that he/she is able to move freely, feel better, is able to handle life situations with less stress, enhanced chronic pain management, and some evidence shows that the immune system is positively affected.

By playing music and allowing a free form of Entrainment the person in the GENESIS is allowed to interact as per their needs to facilitate the desired result, if the intent is relaxation, creativity enhancement, pain reduction, etc.

The number of times a phenomenon occurs within a specified interval (the number of repetitions per a complete wave form). Electricity is a good example of unit time.

The cycles per second of vibration. (Cycles per second is abbreviated c.p.s.)

A state of physiological equilibrium produced by a balance of the functions and chemical composition within the body.

Muscle Armoring
Defined as armor because it serves a person in protecting them from painful and threatening emotional experiences. The total pattern of chronic muscular tensions in the body beyond the time needed for normal functioning.

Because there is an active relationship between muscle armoring, physiology and psychology, Bio-Entrainment facilitates the dearmoring process that will assist in bringing to the surface the thoughts and feelings that caused the person to maintain the negative armoring. This will allow the person to release and not retain the negative armoring, therefor having a clearer sense of the wellness of their being.

A form of bodywork developed to enhance the release of emotional blockages.

The effect seen in the body when the natural vibrational frequency of the body is enhanced by reinforcing vibrations from another source producing the same or nearly the same frequency.

The Bio-Innergy Field Sensors in the Genesis table are solid-state devices designed to detect and interpret changes in the body's Bio-Innergy Field. In response to these changes, the signals are processed and sent to a computer where the Interactive Software converts the data to control codes so that the client's Bio-Innergy Field can effect the musical environment.

Theta Waves
Produced during deep meditative states or when a person experiences deep sleep. They are` transliminal or beyond the threshold of conscious awareness.