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The GENESIS is a tool built in support of the view that a human being is not only a physical body but also consists of complex patterns of energy and electrical impulses and has an innate drive toward growth, order and wholeness. Because mind, body, and emotion are inseparable, a change in one perpetuates a change in the others. GENESIS combines state-of-the-art in cybernetic technology with revolutionary concepts of music therapy, biophysics and resonance theory to balance the human mind and body.

The GENESIS provides an environment that facilitates the release of negative muscle armoring and physiological tension, and is effective for many kinds of chronic pain. It is also effective as a tool for discovery of new levels of personal awareness and consciousness, and is, at the minimum, a wonderful music experience.

The GENESIS Bio-Entrainment Module is a device whose primary purpose is to provide an interactive, closed-loop sonic therapy environment. The GENESIS environment responds to the person on the table, altering the properties of the music based upon the changes within that person's Bio-Innergy™ Field. It's primary use is with prerecorded music and synthesizer voices.

This interactive, intelligent sonic environment, with its feedback loop is the result of fifteen years of scientific research by Bio-Innergy Systems, Inc. (B.I.S.I.) in the fields of stress management, bio-acoustics, muscle armoring, and music therapy. B.I.S.I. is a company that provides InnerActive™ Technology for personal growth and insight.



The GENESIS Bio-Entrainment Module, an advanced cybernetic system, consists of three functional units: the Frame, the Control Console, and the Bio-Static Sensor System.

The Frame is comprised of the audio and sub-audio transducers, the acoustical and bio-dynamic field sensors and the platform which suspends the person in the framework.

The Control Console houses a computer, synthesizer, digital signal processor, mixing console, cassette player and compact disk player as sound sources. The GENESIS operator is able to fine tune the experience via the control console.

The Bio-Static Sensor System within the GENESIS table monitor the client's reactions to the music and feeds this information back to the control console. The computer, using the Bio-Soft© Software then converts the sensor information within the musical program. In essence, the client "conducts" the music based on his/her experience within the GENESIS.

Since relaxation promotes a healthier body, and expanded awareness in mind, senses and consciousness, the applications of the GENESIS System are limitless. Its many uses include hospitals, health and fitness clubs, corporations, medical practices, athletic rehabilitation and training centers, resorts, hotels, biofeedback and pain clinics, physical therapy, chiropractic centers, massage therapists, acupressure, sports therapists, creativity, self-discovery, and stress management.


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