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The Experience


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Here are some testimonials about the The Experience:

George Fritz, Ed.D., The Gateway Institute, St. Luke's

Hospital, Bethlehem, PA

Shelley Lynne Cummins, Instructor of Dance and Pilates
Milton Feher, Milton Feher School of Dance and


GENESIS Testimonial
November 24, 1995

Female Age:28 Dancer, Instructor of Dance and Pilates

A short time ago, I experienced the GENESIS for the first time. My actual experiences in the GENESIS space were reminiscent to my feelings when moving through a Tai Chi form, dancing, or performing but still somehow very different.

My third session in the GENESIS space was a most remarkable and affirming experience of the power of myself with the influence of the space and technology.

Granted my time inside the GENESIS space has always been gloriously full and spontaneous, my time outside the GENESIS has become more what I am intrigued by. The dynamics of the subtle transitions and dealings of my everyday life have greatly changed. The changes I have made have been occurring at a very accelerated pace but still within a realm that feels comfortable to me. The main qualities I am more developed in and am developing since my initial GENESIS session are my intuition and creativity. These are vital aspects to my work and service to others. Because these qualities are refining and intensifying within me, my ability to sense and inspire them in others is growing. I have felt a delicate reshaping of the contours of my relationships to friends, family, and loved ones. This brought out much love, patients, and faith within me.

I feel the GENESIS space is truly a tool for me to come into being who I really am. My foundation remains while I continually tune and move. As I have been listening to my own inner dance, I have edited out some moves that are constricting and I look forward to the new moves soon to be made.
Shelley Lynne Cummins



Male Age:83 Milton Feher School of Dance and Relaxation

Having researched the effects of music and movement on the mind and body since 1947, I have been delighted to have GENESIS advance my understanding of relaxation to an amazing degree. Doctors, Dance and Voice teachers have been sending me elderly patients, tennis and golf players, dancers...since 1947 to improve posture, thus relieving muscle pains, inflammation, mental and physical fatigue. The GENESIS creates these releases for better coordination and therefor improved posture. When I taught posture and movement at the Metropolitan Opera House, I discovered that any improvement in relaxation and movement made the voice more beautiful, stronger and flexible, even in very accomplished singers. GENESIS relaxes the body to a greater degree than anything I have researched. At age 83, I am experiencing spectacular improvement in my own strength, dance, sports, movement skills, eyesight, posture and relaxation. A thrilling result of GENESIS I find, is that all previously enjoyed music fills the mind and body with ever increasing beauty. Enjoyable experiences now become more enjoyable to me and bad experiences are not as bad as they would have been before the GENESIS. I recommend GENESIS to any person who wants to improve for any reason.
Milton Feher


by George Fritz, Ed.D.

The Gateway Institute, located within St. Luke's Hospital in Bethlehem, PA is a treatment center for chronic pain and stress disorders. The Institute began operation in September, 1988. The GENESIS bioacoustic feedback technology has been an integral tool for the treatment of many patients at Gateway since it opened its doors to the public. To date, over two thousand (2000) GENESIS treatments have been conducted at the Institute. For a significant number of our patients, the GENESIS sessions have brought about a breakthrough in the treatment of their medical problems.

Not only is the The Experience a biofeedback process, but bio-entrainment is also an important aspect of the mechanism of action that results in therapeutic changes toward significant relaxation and reduction of pain. Our philosophy at the Gateway Institute is to emphasize that patients can achieve voluntary control over the functions and reactions of their nervous system. To that extent the GENESIS is a valuable tool in allowing the patients to recognize and achieve that self control.

One of the most interesting phenomena regarding GENESIS has been to observe how, for many patients, the subjective process for influencing the biofeedback is very similar to the process experienced during alpha brain-wave feedback. Indeed, because this seemed to be so, we have done EEG Brain Map Studies (see attached report) of patients during their GENESIS sessions. We have been able to demonstrate that there are consistent, significant EEG changes that coincide with bioacoustic shifts.

The observed EEG changes associated with bioacoustic shifts may be due to one of two effects: that of bio-entrainment or that of biofeedback. It is our observation that when bioacoustic shifts are associated with obvious alterations in the vibrational quality of the acoustic stimulus, then this is due to a bio-entrainment effect. The biofeedback effect is involved when the bioacoustic shifts are associated with voluntary shifts in the strategy of the patient toward a more "into-it" and body connected form of awareness. The bioacoustic shifts connected with attention control most clearly occur during musical sequences in which there is a consistent quality to the acoustic vibration, thereby appearing readily distinguishable from bioacoustic shifts mostly attributable to changes in the vibrational quality of the music itself.

Given the considerations just mentioned, it has become evident there is a quality of "resonance" which is facilitated by the The Experience both through bio-entrainment and biofeedback. In the actual GENESIS session, bio-entrainment and biofeedback alternate in creative sequences and represent mutually reinforcing processes.

One area of particular interest to us here at the Gateway Institute is to network with other providers of the The Experience regarding the method used to orient patients to GENESIS. In our case, we instruct the patient that they will be continuing the practice of biofeedback skills during the session. Our advice for GENESIS (and all biofeedback) sessions can be summarized as follows: "Allow yourself to be less head centered. Feel with your whole body." In GENESIS, the bioacoustic feedback system reinforces body "into-itness" by increasing the volume and quality of the musical experience. The sensory stimulation via sound waves provide a pleasurable focus for bodily "into-itness". GENESIS therefore offers an ideal environment for the practice of body awareness.

A fascinating anecdote regarding the healing environment is suggested by an informal GENESIS research study conducted by Joseph Heller, originator of Hellerwork, a body therapy. Heller did body work on the author, while the operator conducted the GENESIS session. Neither the author or the operator were aware of the research hypothesis being investigated by Heller.The GENESIS session was uncommonly pleasant, even by GENESIS standards. The bodyworker's hands seemed to facilitate a floating, billowing relaxation. At the conclusion of the forty five minute treatment, Heller asked if there had been any discomfort or pain at the time of the session. The response was that there had not been any pain. Heller asked, "Was it not difficult at times to tolerate my bodyworker's manipulations?" "Not in the slightest", was the reply. "Fine", said Heller, "Let us finish the treatment. Let's leave the music off for now." The bodyworker then resumed the exact same therapeutic procedures he had been applying when the bioacoustic stimulus had been present. Immediately the sculpting maneuvers of the bodyworker's hands corresponded with an uncomfortable resistance, even painful response by the author. Sensing the body bracing, Heller asked, "What is it?" "That does hurt!" was the reply. "That makes the point, doesn't it?", said Heller. The point being that during the counterstimulation of the Bioacoustics, Hellerwork was accompanied by none of the painful resistance typical during such treatments. Pain had been inhibited. Perhaps the gate of pain had been closed by the competing sensory stimulation of the acoustics. It appears that the dynorphin production associated with the thrill of the musical experience was responsible for the pain attenuation. This evidence has provided us with grist for the mill of our continuing efforts to understand and transcend pain.

The fascination with the mechanics of the GENESIS applies as well to the cybernetic system or bioacoustic feedback system. Patients and other health care professionals are extremely eager to understand how the biosensors work.

When we are asked by patients and professionals how the GENESIS biosensors work, we have adopted a characteristic explanation. We state that there is precedent for the use of electric field and electromagnetic field therapies for the treatment of stress and pain. GENESIS is an example of an electric field therapy. During such therapies, psychophysiological readings are typically taken to infer changes in the subjective state of the patient receiving the therapy. Commonly utilized psychophysical parameters include electrical resistance of the skin or changes in EEG electrical activity. In the GENESIS this electrical resistance is that of the field encompassing the patient's entire body.

We suggest that the biosensors of the GENESIS system operate as if they are sensitive to the electrical field that surrounds the patient as he or she lies on the GENESIS table. This field can be described in terms of electrical resistance or conductance. A decrease of resistance through the field is facilitated either by the entrainment capacities of the music or the changes in awareness voluntarily brought about by the patient. The changes in the field resistance or conductance are monitored by the biosensors which determine the shifts in the bioacoustic quality of the music.

The human body can be regarded as a conducting medium. Electric fields are always created in the vicinity of an electrically charged object. Any change in the electrical fields around a body is always accompanied by the appearance of a magnetic field and, conversely, any change in a magnetic field leads to the appearance of an electric field. The "polarity display" available on the computer monitor, as a part of the GENESIS software package, appears to present a computer generated approximation of the changes in the electric field associated with GENESIS subjects' capacity to relax into the music. The summary display shown at the end of the session serves as a mandala, a "right brain" measurement of the field expansion, openness, and relaxation demonstrated by the patient during the session.

As can be deduced from the preceding comments, Gateway's interest with GENESIS is, first, to provide an effective therapeutic procedure for the relief of pain and management of stress. Secondly, our interest has been to conduct basic research on the mechanism of the action implicated in the therapeutic changes that our patients have been experiencing. Thirdly, we have felt compelled to develop a vocabulary or language of discourse to describe the GENESIS process. All of these interests are worthy of much energy and attention, especially in the form of exchanging information with other GENESIS users.

We look forward to the growth in the network of GENESIS users.