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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to what you might be wondering about the the GENESIS Experience

1. Is the GENESIS session going to be loud?

A GENESIS session is not a quiet form of relaxation such as you would expect from meditation. Rather, it is a dynamic relaxation experience. The point of a GENESIS session is for your entire body to experience the music rather than simply listening to it with your ears. The body feels ("hears") music best between an 85 to 90 dB range. During a GENESIS session the body absorbs most of the dB level. While it might sound loud to someone outside of the GENESIS, the level is quite acceptable to the client . Of course, you have control of your session and can always request that the operator lower the music if you feel in any way uncomfortable with it.

2. Will I have anything attached to me?

Unlike biofeedback equipment, the sensors in the GENESIS are not attached to the body. The cuboctahedron structure forms a sensor grid in which the Bio-Static the field around your body is sensed, processed and sent to the computer. You have complete freedom to move about within the framework during your session.

3. How long is a session?

A session is generally about 40 - 45 minutes. A GENESIS session is scheduled for one hour. The extra fifteen minutes gives you time to settle in and interact with your facilitator.

4. May I try the GENESIS to see if I like it?

If you are unsure about booking a full hour session, a minimum 20 minute demo is necessary for you to get the feeling for what a session is about. If you decide to schedule a full session after you have had your demo, a package of three sessions is highly recommended to receive the most benefit from your initial GENESIS experience.

5. How often do I need to come for sessions?

Sessions should be booked no sooner than three full days and no longer than seven full days apart. After your initial three sessions, you and your facilitator will discuss scheduling for further GENESIS sessions.

6. Will I be touched?

There is no question as to the benefit of the human touch. Your trained facilitator will ask you if you mind being touched. If you give permission, s/he will do some very modest touch to allow you to go deeper into your experience and to facilitate the relaxation of your muscle tension. Remember, you are in control of your session and may request the facilitator to discontinue touch at anytime that you desire.

7. May I bring my friends?

Of course. While the GENESIS experience can provide powerful personal growth, it is also a great tool for sharing and bonding between spouses, a spouse and a child, and between friends. In fact, we recommend that spouses undergo GENESIS sessions together and individually in the same time frame. This way couples grow at the same pace and can assist each other in the process of positive, dynamic change.

8. Do I have to eat anything special before I come?

No, your normal eating pattern is acceptable. However, it is recommended that you do not eat a heavy meal immediately before your session.

9. Do I have to take my clothes off?

No you do not. However, you will be asked to remove your jewelry, watch, glasses or contact lenses, belt, tie and shoes. While you can come to your session in any street clothes, we recommend comfortable, loose fitting cotton clothing.

10. How does the operator choose the music?

A wide variety of music can have positive effects in the GENESIS. After sixteen years of research and work with clients we have found there is certain music that works effectively with clients of all ages, social and ethnic backgrounds and tastes. For the first three sessions, the facilitator usually chooses from these selections.

On the fourth session you can discuss with your facilitator your personal choices of music. Clients often find the music that is their favorite at home sounds (feels) entirely different in the GENESIS. This can range from a very exciting difference to a disappointment. Only experimentation will tell.

11. What can the GENESIS software tell about me?

The software does not tell the facilitator anything intimate about you. The Biosoft program has a control screen that tells the operator that everything is functioning properly and there is interaction between you and the machine.

12. How will I feel afterwards? Are there any side effects?

With general use of the GENESIS there are no side effects. As your muscles experience dynamic relaxation, they may feel sore for a day or so in the same way that they do when you first initiate an exercise program. Clients often report that their creative thinking process is so activated that they find they need much less sleep. Others report that they have the best night's sleep ever after a GENESIS session. It is also often reported that after a GENESIS session one feels that he or she has been dancing.

One of the primary functions of the GENESIS is to balance your body's energy level. If you arrive at your session depressed and sluggish, a session will tend to energize and invigorate you. If you arrive at your session stressed out and hyperactive, it will tend to calm you down. Dynamic relaxation means that you are at your best, most balanced and most alert in whatever situation you find yourself. Your store of energy is available for whatever your needs, be it relaxing on a beach or closing an important business deal. Because a GENESIS session balances you, each session will be completely unique and different depending on your needs and intent when starting a session.

13. When I go home will my family notice any changes in me?

You and those around you are likely to notice changes after each session. After three sessions these changes will be most obvious as you settle into your new patterns. Amongst changes many clients notice are more self confidence, more willingness to take self-responsibilty, greater ability to manage daily stress and minor emergencies, more tolerance of those around you, and a more balanced, centered approach to life.

14. What do you mean by going into a GENESIS session with an intent?

Over the years, thousands of clients have found that GENESIS sessions can provide an environment for many types of personal growth. At its most basic, a GENESIS session is a relaxing musical experience. Once your energy level is balanced, how you choose to use the GENESIS (your intent) can be as varied and personal as is each person. Clients commonly use the GENESIS for management of chronic pain, work on personal psychological issues, work on physical agility, creative thinking and peak performance, and personal conscious awareness growth. After your first three sessions you can discuss with your facilitator a customized program to suit your personal intent. This can move at an intense, fast paced rate or at a more leisurely rate based on your needs and time.