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Naturally Enhanced Sound Transmission
So simple you can even connect it to your walkman… So powerful, that you become the music!

The naturally Enhanced Sound Transmission provides you with a free space, multidimensional, Bio-Sonic ™ environment for a full body, holographic music experience. You not only hear the music, you feel it!

You are relaxed, you feel transported through time and space, right from your own room. Lay back on the soft velour cushions and enjoy an unforgettable experience. All those great songs and melodies you've come to enjoy will take on an unprecedented depth of pleasure.

Why this shape? Just as a guitar, piano and many other musical instruments require a specific shape to produce their signature tones, years of research have proven that the cuboctahedron is the shape that most effectively creates the omnidimensional Bio-Sonic environment produced within the N.E.S.T. ™ The durable aluminum frame is built to last a lifetime.

The basic N.E.S.T.™, with its amplified sound system, needs only a CD or cassette player or other sound source, to provide a Bio-Sonic environment in which you not only hear, but also feel the music with your entire body through the powerful M.I.N.D. ™ system. M.I.N.D.™ (Music Interacting with Natural Dynamics), works using he fundamental laws of nature and physics. The cuboctahedron shape of the N.E.S.T.™, (referred to by Buckminster Fuller as the "Dymaxion"), is technically called a Vector Equilibrium. This shape, found only in nature at the subatomic level as a meson, was chosen as a frame design for its ability to transmit both acoustical and body vibrations in harmony. The frame, table, and transducer placement all play an integral part in the M.I.N.D.™ Enhancement System. Vector Equilibrium means that any excitation at any point on the shape causes equal movement in all other directions. When using music to vibrate the shape, your body energies and mass as well as the music are all forces being exerted on this Vector Equilibrium. Because the music is basically fixed by its laws of presentation and the properties of the shape are fixed, the difference is your perception and the physical and mental response to your perception. You become the phase difference of the natural dynamics. The difference in the music frequencies played through the Subharmonic/Triphonic Transducer Platform, low frequencies, phase differential transducer, and the audio system all allow changes in the perception of the music experience. The perceived changes that take place are both psycho-illusionary and literal.

The N.E.S.T.™ has many upgrade options available that can be purchased with your basic N.E.S.T. or added over time.

*Bio-Logic™ System - This turns your N.E.S.T. into a fully Sensor/Processor computer controlled system. These Sensor/Processors, sensing the Bio-Static Field around your body, transform your N.E.S.T.™ into an interactive Bio-Sonic environment. A profound virtual reality-like experience occurs through the resulting entrainment.

*Mindsong™ - Allows you to create your own music through Sensor/Processor control. No music lesson is needed! Two hundred instruments; 128 note scale; play any four instruments at a time; create your own compositions; how you "feel" determines the nature of the music.

*A.N.D.I.™ - The Talk Function - (Analog Neural Digital Interface) is an experimental program. A.N.D.I.™, your computer friend, is actually a Sensor/Processor controlled talk card. As you develop a relationship with your sensor, A.N.D.I.™ develops a vocabulary and over time, begins to communicate with you verbally and/or in writing on your computer screen. A.N.D.I.™ can whisper or shout, and speak in a male, female or robotic voice.
Specifications: Size 69"W x 48"D x 453/8"H Weight 156 lbs. Satellite amplifier (with 3.2 ohm loads, all three channels driven from 150-20,000 Hz) Rated 4.2 watts/channel minimum RMS power THD կ%

Dual Subwoofer amplifier (with 3 ohm load, all three channels driven from 30-150 Hz) Rated 10.3 watts minimum RMS power THD կ% Music Power: Satellite section 8.4 watts + 8.4 watts Subwoofer section 33.3 watts

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